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(2015) Winners of the 11th HangSúly™ Awards

In the last few months some of the major and influential Hungarian metal bands made the decision to quit, but 11th HangSúly™ Hungarian Metal Awards demonstrate that Hungarian metal scene still has vigorousness. Editorial staff of 16 online rock magazines awarded Nadir, Thy Catafalque, Magor, Tankcsapda, Tue Madsen, Zoltán Farkas and Gyula Havancsák for their outstanding works in 2015.

Album of the Year

Tied winners of the title Album of the Year are Ventum iam ad finem est by doom-death metal band NADIR and Sgúrr by avant-garde metal THY CATAFALQUE.

Nadir’s Ventum iam ad finem est is a concept album and its theme is relationship between man and nature through the history of mankind, from ancient adaptability and respect to recent alienation and devastation. This serious message in lyrics has a heavy and groovy doom-death metal in music.

Sgúrr (means mountain peak in Scottish Gaelic) is the sixth full-length of Thy Catafalque and this time Tamás Kátai wrote and recorded the album on his own in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he lives for years. Songs are inspired by mountains and waters of Scottish landscape, and built up from folk melodies, mechanic rhythms and sweeping riffs.

Both artists were already awarded with HangSúly™ before. Nadir made Debut Album of the Year with Tenacity a decade before in 2005 and they were the Best Live Band in 2008. Thy Catafalque's latest release Rengeteg was Album of the Year in 2011 and the same LP was listed on the TOP 20 Most Influential Hungarian Metal Albums published in early days of 2016.

Debut Album of the Year

Debut Album of the Year Testamentum is made by MAGOR, a groove-thrash-hardcore metal band from Jászberény. They formed in 2007 and after the first years the band was stopped by consecutive member changes for a while. Their line-up had been established at the end of 2012 and they began to write songs for their first full-length. It took more than two years but eventually the first album was recorded and released. Testamentum is double voiced by frontman Roland Speck's screamings and bassist Zoltán Inges' clear vocals to emphasize messages in their lyrics.

Best Live Band

In the history of HangSúly™ Hungarian Metal Awards the winner of the category Best Live Band always was a prominent underground metal band. This is the first time when a major shot of the Hungarian scene has been awarded. This is TANKCSAPDA, the most popular rock band in Hungary. Their current line-up became stronger than before during the tour of the album Urai vagyunk a helyzetnek (2014) last year, and not just in Hungary. They did not have challengers on stage.

Best Studio Production

This year Zoltán Cserfalvi "Töfi" (Denevér Stúdió) és Zoltán Varga (SuperSize Production) both of them had two nominations for the Best Studio Production award. Also the two winners of the category Album of the Year, records of Nadir and Thy Catafalque were among the nominees, but finally TUE MADSEN and ZOLTÁN FARKAS won the title for producing and engineering Aggressor by Hungary's well-known international act EKTOMORF. Aggressor was recorded in Mezőkovácsháza, home town and headquarters of Ektomorf. Brutal and clear sound of the album was highlighted in almost every review in Hungary.

Best Album Cover Art

Ádám Devecz, who won Best Album Cover Art award last year, got two nominations again, but this year the four times category recorder GYULA HAVANCSÁK (a.k.a. Hjules) has took possession of his fifth award for the front cover of Aranyhajnal (means Golden Daybreak) an epic avant-garde metal album by ATTILA BAKOS. Hjules' artwork reflects the tone of the album precisely.

• Nominees of HangSúly™ Hungarian Metal Awards in 2015