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(2013) Winners of the 9th Hungarian Metal Awards

This is the 9th Hungarian Metal Awards to vote by Hungarian rock/metal webzines in order to celebrate the best metal performances of the last year, 2013. This time bands Magma Rise, Watch My Dying, Apey & The Pea, Wisdom, sound engineer Gábor Kovács and graphic artist Gyula Havancsák are prized in the usual five categories of the Awards.
Read the detailed result of the 9th Hungarian Metal Awards below.

Album of the Year: MAGMA RISE – The Man in the Maze

Voters of Hungarian Metal Awards contained editorial staffs of seventeen Hungarian rock/metal webzines award The Man in the Maze, second full length of doom metal band MAGMA RISE (with ex-Mood, Neck Sprain and Sunday Fury members) as the album of the year 2013.
Behind Magma Rise the second place goes to Marching for Liberty by Wisdom, one of the new generation Hungarian heavy metal bands who recognized internationally. Virrasztók gains third place with their latest album A halál színei (in English: Colors of Death).

Debut Album of the Year: APEY & THE PEA – Devil’s Nectar

On the score of votes the debut album of the year is made by APEY & THE PEA of the Hungarian sludge metal scene. Awarded for the best debut album in 2013 Devil’s Nectar gained one of Apey & The Pea’s four nominations this year.
Omega Diatribe djent-influenced debut, Iapetus, have been the second in this category, and Return to Grace by progressive metal Miserium from the Conservatoire takes bronze medal.

Best Live Band: WATCH MY DYING

WATCH MY DYING proved to be the best live band in 2013 with their spectacular and also musically top-grade live performances. Since their latest effort 4.1 would not be nominated in other categories (because it’s an EP, not a full-length), the band might be in comfort with this award.
Tied for the second place behind WMD bands Cadaveres and Wisdom finished off. Both of them are nominated in four categories this year.

Best Studio Production: Gábor Kovács: WISDOM – Marching for Liberty

Zoltán Varga (SuperSize Recording) and Gábor Vári (Black Hole Sound) both had two nominations for production of the best sounding album of the year. After all the winner of the category is Wisdom guitarist GÁBOR KOVÁCS who engineered, mixed and mastered his band album Marching for Liberty. Work took place in Blacksmith, SuperSize and Denevér studios.
Apey & The Pea with the debut album of the year recorded in R33 and Cadaveres fourth full-length DeMoralizer recorded in SuperSize Recordings tie for the second place.

Best Album Cover Art: Gyula Havancsák: WISDOM – Marching for Liberty

Most of the nominations in this category were Péter Sallai’s. He had three works on the list, but on the score of votes the best album cover art goes to the artwork of Wisdom album Marching for Liberty by GYULA HAVANCSÁK a.k.a. HJULES. Winning his fourth award he has consolidated his position as the recorder of the category.
Second place tie again, Apey & The Pea album artwork by Kókai Barnabás (Barber’s Art) and Virrasztók album artwork by Tóth Zoltán.


Soundtrack of the Hungarian metal music of 2013 can be found under menu item Videos, where all the video clips made for albums released last year can be watched and listened to. The latest Hungarian metal releases, some of them with free download option, are listed on the HangSuly official website. For the latest news on the Hungarian metal scene take a look at HangSúly™ official facebook page where you can find release info, download links, video clips, reviews and interviews.